This cup is ideal for drinking tea, chocolate, coffee, or whatever else you might think of. Its particular brightness, as well as its texture, is due to the dry lands of the Mixtecas glazes once out of the oven, they are polished and bathed in bee-wax, which makes them more water resistant . Due to the item's handmade production, there may be variations from piece to piece.

  • Dimension : 3.5”W x 5.5Lx 4”H (12oz),                 Saucer - 4”Dia
  • Material : 100% CLAY
  • Hand made in Mexico

Hand wash recommended. Not dishwasher or microwave safe. Avoid the use of sharp utensils to prevent scratching. Do not leave plates in water for more than three days, they may soften and break.

Pottery from the Los Reyes Metzontla region of Mexico is known for the technique of burnishing and polishing instead of using traditional glazes. The particular shine and soft texture of these pieces is the result of using clay slips from the arid lands of the Mixteca.